The Corryong Courier
Border crackdown creates mayhem for local residents

With the NSW-Victoria border entry rules becoming stricter from midnight tonight, Upper Murray residents will be limited to three reasons for crossing the Murray river.
All currently issued permits and any issued between now and the commencement of the border zone will expire and people will have to re-apply for a new permit to enter NSW from Victoria if they remain eligible to do so.

Border residents with a permit will only be able to cross into the other side of the zone to go to work or attend an education institution if they can’t work or learn from home; to obtain medical care or supplies; or attend health services.

The crackdown caused chaos for Corryong schools who have students and staff living in NSW and urgent representations from principals were successful in permits being issued for students, teachers  and staff allowing them to travel into Victoria. 

The tighter restrictions will also impact on local businesses in Victoria as NSW residents will not be able to cross the border for shopping purposes despite towns like Corryong being closer.

The temporary border closure  should not stop anyone seeking medical treatment. If you live in Victoria and need to travel to NSW for medical treatment (including mental health or pathology services), you don’t need a permit to cross the border.

NSW residents who need to go to a hospital, medical, mental health or pathology service in Victoria DO NEED A PERMIT. This advice was updated by health authorities this morning (July 22).

In both cases, you will be asked at the border why you are travelling. If you have any paperwork that refers to your appointment carry it with you.

If you have a medical emergency, seek treatment immediately at your closest emergency department.