The Corryong Courier
Police seek information about an opportunistic theft

Corryong Police are asking members of the public to assist in the recovery of a sign that was taken from the rear of the Corryong Op Shop last week.

The vintage neon sign had adorned the roof since the Op Shop was first opened and had been removed and placed at the back of the premises while repairs to the roof itself were being carried out. It was also planned to restore the sign and re-install it.

The Op Shop is a not-for-profit that is manned by volunteers and proceeds go to local schools.

Sergeant Liam McMahon said the theft was a slap in the face to the community and was being treated as a serious offence.

"We are vigorously pursuing the matter and anyone who has information about the incident is asked to contact us on 02 6076 1666," he said.

A spokesperson for the Op Shop said "The offenders have not only stolen from our local Op Shop but also from our children and community. Please have some integrity!"

The sign is around 60cm x 60cm x 30cm with faded almost illegible writing.