The Corryong Courier
Police warn locals “mask up or pay the price”

Corryong police have put the Upper Murray community on notice that there will be no leniency shown when new Covid-19 restrictions come into effect on Sunday night.
Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, announced on Thursday that, following a surge in coronavirus cases, a face covering will be mandatory for all people in regional areas whenever they leave home.
“I understand this will a big step for some,” Mr Andrews said, “but by covering your face, you’re protecting your community and protecting those extra freedoms your community enjoys.
“By covering your face  you’re keeping local businesses open and keeping local people in work.”
The penalty for not wearing a face covering whenever a person leaves home is $200.
“Local residents who do not comply with the new regulations will receive an automatic $200 fine,” said Sergeant Liam McMahon.
“We will be actively enforcing the new rules and will not be issuing any warnings. If you don’t obey them you will be out of pocket.”
Corryong College has also issued directions regarding the wearing of face coverings from next Monday. 
It will be mandatory for Victorians to wear face masks, excluding those under the age of 12 or below secondary year levels when at school.
“At Corryong College, all secondary students will be required to wear a face mask,” said principal, Fran Heath.
“This includes to and from school at any time of the day, including on the school bus.   
“It is the responsibility of the parent or carer to ensure their child has a face mask that abides by the health regulations.
“Exemptions are only for those with a health condition where a medical certificate is provided.
“Primary age students are exempt from wearing a mask, however it is at the parents’ discretion if they prefer their child to wear a mask. This will not be enforced on a school level. 
“All other restrictions as per term 2 will continue,” Ms Heath added.
“All staff must wear face masks at all times, including when moving around the college, to and from class, on yard duty, in the staff room and  office and when providing first aid. 
“The only exemption is when teachers are delivering their class,” she said.